Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Link OIA Global Users to Business Structures

This post describes how to link an OIA global user to a business structure (or business unit as it's also known in OIA or even BU).
The most obvious way to link users to BUs is to display the BU in the Identity Warehouse and add users through the Users tab.
But that's not very efficient, especially when you have to add hundreds or thousands of users to the BU.
In those cases, use a BU rule. After creating the rule, you'll need to run the rule.
1. Display the BU in the Identity Warehouse (Identity Warehouse>Business Structures).
2. Click the Rules link located below the tabs.
3. Click New Rule.
4. Follow the wizard steps. The important screen is Add Conditions where you will specify what the rule is applied to. For example, you can specify the following:
  • Object: user
  • Attribute: Primary Email
  • Condition: contains
  • Value:
5. Select which business structure the user will be assigned to if the condition is met, on the Select Business Structure screen. 
6. Save the rule.
7. Run the rule now.
It may take a few minutes depending on how many records are involved. The rule will add all users who have "", in this example, in their email address to the selected business structure.
To validate, look up some of the users you know the rule should apply to. Their global record details should show they are part of the new business structure and the business structure should show they are members.

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