Friday, May 19, 2006

New blog, first post

This is my first post for my new blog.

Leave a record of lessons learned about our DITSCAP effort to help others and help us on future projects.

Our project: To certify our system so it can run inside a military domain. I’ll leave the details kind of vague, because I don’t want to bring public attention to our project. I don’t know what the confidentiality concerns are. So instead of pushing any limits, I’ll leave names, locations, and departments out of this blog. I’ll try to provide enough concrete information to make it useful to someone not familiar with my specific project.

This is my first DITSCAP effort. We’re certifying an off-the-shelf product to operate within a collaborative domain. The product is a web application server. Later, we will also certify web services that will be installed on the app. server. We’ll also certify some other systems that will use the web services.

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